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Killer Instinct is an arcade fighting game developed by Double Helix Games for the new Xbox One. This is a game in the Killer Instinct Series, which includes two previous titles released in the 1990s for arcades and Nintendo consoles. Fans of the saga will love this new release, since it brings back the classic open-ended combo mechanics with improved visuals, animation and gameplay.

Fans of the saga will love this new release, since it brings back the classic open-ended combo mechanics with improved visuals, animation and gameplay.

This title offers several different game modes: a free-to-play demo, which includes a single fighter, the “Combo Breaker” edition, with six characters and grants early access to download another two post-launch, or the Ultra Edition, which includes every available fighter, additional accessory packs, costumes and allows the user to download a version of the original title under the name “Killer Instinct Classic”. The game will expand as developers create new characters and in-game content that we will be able to download.


This game is set after the events that occurred in Killer Instinct 2. Jago is going through a crisis of faith, Sabrewulf becomes dominated by his feral side and destroys his cyber implants, and Glacius crash-lands on Earth once again. Orchid is on a mission to find Ultratech, to try to shut them down. Thunder begins fighting again, seeking answers to his brother’s death. And a mysterious assassin named Sadira begins hunting the fighters for blood sport.

If you have never played this saga, you’ll have to learn the basics when it comes to fighting techniques. Killer Instinct’s bread and butter is the “Auto Double”. This occurs when you press a button following special attacks. It will create automatic combo hits instead of individual hits requiring player input. However, the signature of the franchise is the Ultra Combo. This is an automatic combo that can be performed to end the current match, consisting of a long chain of stunning attacks. To defend yourself, you will have to pull some Combo Breakers to stop enemy combos, but they are hard to time accurately. New additions for this release include Counter Breakers, which are moves that can reverse a Combo Breaker into a Lockout. There is also a meter that enables “Shadow” moves when it fills. Those moves have improved hit properties and cause more damage and combo hits.

Killer Instinct 0.45 Features

Take a look at some of the features of this game:

  • Classic combat gameplay remains pure: overwhelm your rivals with a chain of powerful hits or play defensive until you see the chance to perform a Combo Breaker
  • Instinct Mode: fill up the bar and trigger a unique improvement for a brief period of time. For instance, Glacius equips ice armor for damage resistance
  • Unlock new content: you will be free to get classic tracks and costumes as well as over-the-top announcer Chris Sutherland, who appears as an optional announcer
  • Expanding roster: there are 8 playable characters at the moment, but developers will include new ones
  • Several ways to get started: you can play the free version or go to the Combo Breaker or Ultra Edition to unlock more content for your game
  • Online multiplayer available: play against random gamers or join private lobbies for one-on-one action with friends

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System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to run Killer Instinct are listed below:

  • Operating System: Xbox One