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Recuva is a recovery application designed for bringing back all kind of files that were initially deleted by the users. From Piriform, the developers of the popular CCleaner, the program works by scanning the disk you choose and analyzing the possible damage and the content of the files deleted in order to recuperate the content you lost. Despite being capable of finding the archives you want, it is not perfect, and there will be times when the recovery won’t be successful.

The program works by searching unreferenced data within the target NTFS or FAT disk. This unreferenced data can be recuperated as long as the user hasn’t overwritten the disk segment with additional files. Since Recuva detects the lost directories and files that are no longer indexed, but deeply buried on your HDD, it can join together the files’ segments that are scattered. They can be assigned as free space, but the truth is that the traces that every file leaves behind can be recoverable, even for files that were downloaded before.

If you check the options, you have the possibility of selecting which kind of recovery process you want. There are four different options available: simple overwrite, DOD 5220.22-M, NSA and Gutmann. The difference between them is the number of passes they perform, from a single one to 35 passes. This allows for increasing the success rate when it comes to recovering files again, performing deep scanning and detecting old archives, even in formatted disks.

Additional functions

Although its main use is for recovering local archives, Recuva also works with various email clients such as Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and even Microsoft Outlook Express. These applications save mails in groups, so if, for example, you deleted an email Recuva still can recover it even if it is not in the trash bin anymore, without downloading the mails to your computer. It can even perform some cleaning duties if you want to erase files or emails forever. In this way, by using the cleaner option, you can save more disk space by getting rid of temporary files.

Recuva is designed for users with every level of technical knowledge

Besides your local disk, Recuva also works with external memory devices like MP3 players or even iPods. Once you erase one of the files that the device contains, it leaves some traces in the internal memory. This helps the application to create the archive again, having the same information as before the process.

The application works in a simple way, just scanning the memory source and letting you select the files you want to recover in the main application’s screen. Additionally, Recuva offers a Wizard for guiding its users during the recovery process, to make it easier than before. For this reason, we can confirm that Recuva is designed for users with every level of technical knowledge.

Scanning process of your personal drives
Scanning process of your personal drives

Recuva 1.51.1063 Features

These are the unique characteristics that Recuva offers to its users:

  • It recovers a huge variety of files from diverse sources like your computer’s hard disk, or external memory sources like MP3 players or iPods
  • Email clients are supported for bringing back erased emails, even if they are gone from the trash bin
  • Recover Word documents that couldn’t be saved before, thanks to the temporary files each file leaves behind
  • It includes a deep-scan mode for detecting even more lost archives than a regular scanner can find
  • Recuva acts as a disk cleaner, deleting the files you don’t want on your computer anymore
  • A simple Wizard is included for guiding users during the recovery process
  • Support for NTFS, exFAT and FAT format drives, the most popular used at this moment

If you want to know even more before the download, feel free to check its developer’s website.

System Requirements

Check the system requirements of the application:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 or later
  • Processor: Pentium II 233 MHz or faster
  • Memory: 32 MB RAM
  • HDD Space: 9 MB free space on disk