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Internet Explorer 9 9.0 (64 Bits)

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By Hande Njr

On Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This is a web browsing software that is a product of Microsoft and is available for windows server 2008 R2, Windows phone, windows 7, windows vista service pack 2 among many other system platforms. It supersedes windows internet explorer 8 which means that its performance is superb and improved to give the users or rather Microsoft clients a great service. Anyone who uses a windows powered device will attest to the fact that when they purchase a windows device it will mostly come with the internet explorer as the default web browsing engine. It has a simple interface which is easy to use and has ensured maximum space for the browsing area, thus the various bars are situated high up on the interface. It has a lot of features under various buttons on the interface that help the user execute various functions. The main buttons are Home Favorites and settings among many others that you can use to specifically perform various tasks. Under the settings a user can also customize various aspect of the browsing engine to their preference. Generally it is a good browsing engine that is great in terms of performance and features. I would recommend it to anyone.


  • it is easy to use.
  • a user can also customize various aspect of the browsing engine.


  • It faces competition from similar products.
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Internet Explorer 9 is an Internet browser, developed by Microsoft, which took user’s advice about previous versions to improve its functionality. In this IE edition, the developers have enhanced its capacities with HTML5, reproducing multimedia content smoothly, as well as improving other aspects, such as JavaScript processes and user protection while surfing the web.

With this version, Microsoft tries to move ahead in the so called Browsers Wars, with opponents such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Performance is an important aspect of browsers, and Internet Explorer 9 enhances the compatibility it had with HTML5 and the compilation of JavaScript snippets through their internal Chakra engine. Different tests show a clear increase in speed when processing several elements at the same time, thanks to its hardware-accelerated computing capacity.

On the other hand, Internet Explorer 9 has expanded its functions, and thanks to classic add-ons it provides downloads for free. Even though these elements are very useful, they lack for variety and you will find few add-ons on the official webpage. You can install other options, such as toolbars, if you want access more applications than just accelerators or other elements such as Bing Maps.

Manage your own extensions
Manage your own extensions

Safer and more complete

When you open IE9 for the first time, you will find that its user interface has changed, and it is much simpler. In this version it only shows one bar for both searching information on the web and visiting your favorite websites. The address bar is placed on the left, taking up only part of the space that is now shared with tabs you can open. The design is elegant, but its simplicity may turn off some users that have experience with more fancy programs.

Due to the growth in the malware menace, IE9 included new features for protecting users from external attacks. There is improved memory protection, including SEHOP, used to avoid buffer overflow exploits. This way the protection of your system won’t be compromised. It also includes a better SmartScreen function for protecting users against malicious webpages and general malware that you may download accidentally.

With Internet Explorer 9, the protection of your system won’t be compromised

Another important aspect of Microsoft’s new browser is the InPrivate mode, now much more enhanced. This mode allows users to visit webpages without using cookies, temporal files or saving your personal data into the computer. This mode is perfect for using public PCs, as it won’t register your activity while you’re in session.

Internet Explorer 9 9.0 (64 Bits) Features

The main features of Internet Explorer 9 are:

  • All-in-one address bar for searches and visiting websites
  • Improved JavaScript performance with its Chakra engine
  • Allows users to pin sites directly to your Windows taskbar, allowing immediate access to your favorite pages in just one click
  • Multiple tabs in a single window, each one a standalone process allowing for independent processes
  • More elements to download to increasing functions, such as accelerators, add-ons and additional toolbars
  • Native compatibility with advanced HTML5 tags, such as high quality audio and video, offering a better Internet experience
  • Hardware-accelerated applications for processing information faster
  • Security enhanced thanks to SmartScreen, which bans non-secure websites and offers better memory protection

If you want to learn more about this browser you are free to visit its

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for this program are:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista
  • CPU: 1GHz for 32-bit and 64-bit processors
  • Memory: 512MB RAM
  • HDD: at least 70MB free disk space