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Kindle for PC 1.10

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  • dictionary embedded and library organizatione. downloading speedy and variety of colours.No danger of virus and spywares and more tools compare to the previous versions


Kindle for PC is a desktop reader for e-books that allows you to have a Kindle experience even if you don’t own one. Its most outstanding feature is the Whispersync technology, which automatically syncs your activity across devices. It doesn’t matter if the page has bookmarks or annotations; once you run the program in any of the devices, you will be taken to the last page you were reading on the last device used.

Once you run the program in any of the devices, you will be taken to the last page you were reading

Kindle for PC has a simple interface, with a main Home button that takes you to the Library, in which items can be ordered by Author, Title or Most Recent. Next to it, you can find the button that will give you direct access to Archived Items, if there are any. This reading environment can be customized: you can decide whether to use immersive full-screen mode or not, adapt font size, adjust brightness, or even change the background color. Nevertheless, some users complain that reading with this app is not as comfortable as doing it on a Kindle screen, as Kindle for PC doesn’t have the special text-rendering that makes reading less painful for your eyes.

Library organizes items, identifying those archived and those you download
Library organizes items, identifying those archived and those you download

Getting started

Once you install this reader on your computer, you will soon notice that you need to get a registered Amazon account. With a double-click, you can open any book. There are two available methods for turning pages: using either the mouse scroll wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. Similarly, when it comes to its editing capabilities, you are able to highlight certain passages, add bookmarks, or take notes. Also, thanks to the page-number view, you can see the pagination of the print edition, which makes citation and referencing considerably easier.

If you do not know what a word in the text means, you can look up its definition in the built-in dictionary. However, if what you want is to live the story you are reading in depth, you can consult Shelfari, a community powered by users, in which you will find further information about the book, characters, themes, and popular quotes, among others. Moreover, you can organize books into different collections or lists according to your preferences, helping you to better identify them. You can buy e-books on Amazon too, but for this you need to open your Web browser, as there is no native shop in the application.

An account is required to get registered
An account is required to get registered

Kindle for PC 1.10 Features

The following are some of the unique features of Kindle for PC:

  • Whispersync technology automatically synchronizes your devices to the last page you were reading
  • No Kindle device is required to use the application
  • Built-in dictionary that allows looking-up of definitions for words in the text
  • Possibility of organizing books collections or lists
  • Community-powered encyclopedia for access to books’ information: characters, quotes, themes, place, etc.
  • Customizable environment: background color, brightness or different screen modes
  • Editing capabilities: possibility of taking notes, highlighting or adding bookmarks
  • Page number view: see the page numbers that correspond to the print edition, so you can easily cite any phrase or section

If you want to read more about this e-book software before you download it, feel free to check the developers’ site.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and set up this free reader on your computer are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or further
  • Processor: 233 MHz or faster CPU
  • RAM Memory: 64MB
  • HDD: 1.5 GB of free space