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USER REVIEWS Free and easy graphic editing program loaded with amazing features

By Gfx Syne

On Thursday, November 26, 2015 is a free image editor that can be used to edit raster graphics. Users can add layers, apply visual effects to photos, and make edits. It is very user friendly as well which is why it is a popular, free program among artistic novices. Although it lacks some advanced features as Photoshop, it still is a powerful graphic editor. The best part of is that it is extremely simple, especially as compared to its free counterpart, Gimp. Plus, it does not require much space and is lightweight. Because it is open-source, also has an active forum on its website so users can easily access tutorials or ask for help if they get stuck. Many people consider to be a slightly advanced version of the stock Windows program, Paint. But can actually perform advanced manipulations that can be used to create beautiful designs and artworks. It doesn't compare to the expensive softwares available in the category but definitely gets the job done well.


  • Free, lightweight and open source
  • Simple and easy to learn


  • Users may feel limited after a certain period of time
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • recreational art and to make icons and wallpapers for my acconts and backgrounds and maybe occasional requests but not something im expecting to take often

  • to edit my photo for good purposes like resume,files and for my work as a freelancer in photography here in our place.thank you .

  • I am going to use this program for ant projects in school with requirrements of images or anythinng similarr. I will also use it for coloring

What similar programs have you used?
  • The last program I used was Paint Tool SAI, but I didn't wan't to buy it right away. I'm just checking some other art or photo editing programs.


Paint.NET is an open-source picture-editing software for Windows. It was developed to sit in between the original Microsoft Paint and Photoshop, a user-friendly simple photo editor for quick retouching. As a hybrid of programs, Paint.NET tries to get the best of both worlds by using the simplicity of Paint and the layers functionality from Adobe.

The software is extremely stable and fast, so Paint.NET is a very good tool for frequent photo editing. Even though is not the ultimate software, and some effects are still missing, it is the solution for all users with no interest in or need for Adobe Photoshop, but who are looking for some fun tools to enhance their pictures with.

How to use

Simplicity and speed are the best ways to describe Paint.NET’s attributes. With a great bunch of effects and tools, you’ll be able to make basic changes to you pictures, including the typical ones: crop, rotate, resize and color adjust. The software is able to read and export most common image formats, but not more advanced ones like RAW.

The interface is quite simple and intuitive—really easy for everyone regardless of their photo-editing experience. Thanks to the layers workflow, it is possible to organize different effects and objects without merging them, which allows for a high level of experimentation and testing of effects. These layers have an unlimited history, so it is possible to get back to the original photo no matter how many different changes are applied.

Paint.NET was developed to prepare the program for the next major one, 4.0

This new version, 3.5.11, was developed to prepare the program for the next major one, 4.0. As a main feature, it downloads and installs every single program version’s prerequisites. That fixes most of the previous bugs and problems and improves the software performance. The interface is enhanced with semi-transparent windows that makes it easy to use.

Paint.NET can be complemented by different plugins made by users. Thanks to the open-source design, the Paint.NET community is full of forums and tips to use the program, install plugins, and even help to develop your own applications. This picture editor is recommended for anyone who needs a quick retouch on their pictures, but doesn’t want to spend too much time learning complex tools. Paint.NET is not the perfect photo software, but can be a simple solution to add some final touches to your pictures.

Nice variety of effects and powerful tools
Nice variety of effects and powerful tools

Paint.NET 4.0.9 Features

Check the latest features for this program:

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface, based on tabbed document display.
  • Incredible fast performance on any device
  • Layers workflow
  • Nice variety of effects and powerful tools
  • Updates automatically
  • Very active online community
  • Unlimited History menu
  • Open-source editor

For more information about Paint.NET before downloading it, please check the developers’ website .

Open-source editor
Open-source editor

System requirements

Before downloading the software, please check that your computer complies with the minimum system requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows XP with Service Pack 3 installed
  • Processor: 800 MHz
  • RAM: at least 512 MB
  • Graphics card: 1024x768
  • Hard disk space: 200 MB HDD free space

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Completely free
  • Recommended for quick editing
  • May be enhanced by plugins
  • Not as complete as other graphic suites
  • Doesn’t support many image formats