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A readily available software from Adobe that lets you create videos quickly and easily

By Kyle Daniels

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I have always been a fan of Adobe’s software products – Dreamweaver CC, Photoshop CC – many are software application leaders in their respective categories. These are software specially designed for IT professionals and they truly are the epitome of computing power and versatility. There’s one Adobe application for regular consumers though, that I still find very useful to have. That software is Adobe Premiere Elements.

Adobe Premiere Elements is part of the Adobe Elements family, and it is the consumer grade version of Adobe Photoshop CC or Creative Cloud. Though not as powerful as the Creative Cloud, or online version, of Photoshop CC, Premier Elements has a substantially, feature-loaded arsenal. This means that there are already a lot you can do with Adobe Premiere Elements. For novice users, this will surely be helpful. The new version now features a Guided Mode, which basically guides users in the successive steps of making a video. If you don’t want the Guided Mode, then simply select Quick or Expert Modes, and you’re good to go.

Aside from the Guided Mode, you’ll also enjoy using Motion Tracking. This feature lets you select and follow an object in your video frame. Perfect for labels or text captions. You’ll also be able to automatically adjust your videos’ tones with the Auto Smart Tone. Now you can leave brightness and contrast adjustments all up to the software to do. FilmLook Filters allows you to apply film effects to your videos. There are four new filters to choose from, including the filters from the previous version. There are many more features and options that you should try and explore.

All in all, Adobe Premiere Elements is an excellent video creation software perfect for novice, intermediate, and even advanced users. The software is available as a downloadable application you can install right on your laptop or desktop.


  • New Guided Editing Mode makes video creation and editing easy
  • Adobe brought back Motion Tracking in this version
  • Software is still available as a downloadable, standalone program


  • Professionals will still look for premium features
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • I am going to use it for different uses like designing and editing photos formy nes project on mlimedia desig and other useful projects that a

  • videos I want to make and let's create some more random text to fill up the incessant bar to be able to download a simple program you have on the site.

  • for my own editing purpose,i seen this software doing well and its very easy to use it.produce cliping very fast and the effects are so awesum.

What similar programs have you used?
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 8 and Photodex Proshow Gold. I have nothing else to say! Why am I being forced to add text before a free download will begin?

What do you like most about this program?
  • Editing Videos to update on social network with well versed version to much effort for video editor based adobe premiere elements software is suitable for my style

  • Adobe Premiere Elements works well and is easy to use. I can create nice videos with text and effects quickly at home any time. It is the best video editing software I've ever used.

  • To develop creativity. This will help me in my future job-a film maker. I am inspired by an spectacular movies in our generation that's why i'm trying to build my own movie as early as i can.

  • this program is the most and latest video remixer as well as sound track cutter,image proccessing program as adobe photoshop,used to develop animation

  • nice user interface, easy to use and looks a lot like adobes other programs. now i think i have to upgrade to version 15 but i dont know the


Adobe Premiere Elements is the perfect solution for your home-made videos, especially when you need a special occasion video to look professional or to have that 'Hollywood' look. This intuitive editor will guide you through the whole process to create an instant movie. If you need further information, you will find it in this review, but we also recommend you visit Adobe’s website, where you will find free comprehensive tutorials.

Is the perfect solution for your home-made videos, especially when you need a special occasion video to look professional

This software is an interesting choice for your first steps in video editing since it is a simplified version of Adobe Premiere Pro. In this latest version Adobe has enhanced the online sharing options, so now you will be able to share your videos on online streaming video services like YouTube or Vimeo, and on social networkslike Facebook, Twitter….

Adding media file
Adding media file

Start creating videos with tutorials' help

There are loads of reviews and built-in tutorials on the Internet, but if you take a look at the software first, and start playing with it, you will notice that it is easier to use than it first may seem. Import a video clip to the media browser and drag it to the timeline. Start checking the video and eliminating unnecessary scenes. Apply the transitions or effects that you want and you will find a fine collection of tweaking tools to enhance the color, accelerate the time... You can add different looks to your videos, comic, trinity, yesteryear, cross…

You can add music to your video, importing a music track to the media browser and dragging it in one audio track to create your own soundtracks. Check that the music track is added under your main audio track. Add some text, some titles... As you progress with your project, you will realize how useful the intuitive interface of this download is. Don’t forget to render your project before exporting it.

And once you have your project ready, go to: File>Export>Media. Once there, select your preferences for the exporting format file that you want. You will find a wide range of formats; the codec (this is a very important question) and the audio settings. You will notice that this software includes several automated movie making features to facilitate and improve the user’s experience. Adobe Premiere Elements supports several audiovisual file formats common on both domestic and professional cameras. HDV, AVCHD and file formats for mobile devices and tablets such as iPhone,iPad, and many other formats for consoles.

Draggin on timeline
Draggin on timeline

Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Features

Below you will find some features of this download:

  • A scaled-down professional version. Adobe Premiere Elements is a simpler version of Adobe Premiere PRO, dedicated to beginners but providing great results
  • Adobe Revel. This is a paid application that allows you tohost your photos and media using cloud technology
  • New filmlooks effects. These are effects that provide to your projects with differing looks like: yesteryear, comic, trinity...
  • Share your movies. With newly enhanced sharing features, Premiere will format and optimize your project for Vimeo, YouTube…
  • New time remapping tool. Expands or compresses the duration of a frozen layer reallocating time
  • Animated titles for your projects. Select the available sources, set changes and customize them to your movie
  • Fits to screen sizes. Optimizes your movies to any kind of screens, mobile devices, consoles, big HD screens…
  • Audio edition tools to create your soundtracks. Add your music and sounds, adjust levels and gain
  • Easy edition. Adjusts the playback speed, regulate colors easily, add pictures and save time with intelligent automated features

If you need further information about this download, you can visit the developer’s website

Quick video editing
Quick video editing

System requirements

These are the most important requirements that your pc must have in order to run this program properly:

  • Dual-Core processor of 2GHz 64-bits or faster
  • Operating System: Windows XP SP3
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 4 GB hard disk available space
  • Sound Card and Graphics card compatible with Direct X 9
  • 1024x768 Screen resolution
  • Firewire/IEEE 1394, DV/iLINK interface to connect to HDV Camcorder
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray burner
  • QuickTime and Windows Media Player installed
  • Internet connection
  • Importing and Exporting formats supported: AVCHD, Dolby Digital, H-264, MP3, DV-AVI, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DVD. Blu-ray just for exporting