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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i just want to learn how to programming in php and i'm pretty sure that this IDE will provvide me a good base from which get started at the best way

  • For personal study purpose only, will try to create website and small features. Share with internal friends only. Learn together as well. Thanks


PHPEdit is considered one of the best (IDE) integrated development environments for Windows nowadays. The objective of this software is to create professional and dynamic webpages faster, more efficiently and more easily. It aims to increase developer productivity with the help of error detection and modification, using the de-bugger and tools to generate and edit code, as well as to maximize project management.

This comfortable software supports different Web programming languages to ensure that the projects are developed efficiently and quickly. Its supported languages are PHP, SQL, HTML, Javascript, XML and CSS, among many others, although it focuses on PHP development. You can download these extensions for free. You can download this intuitive tool for free, and it incorporates some features that can be very helpful, such as auto-completion of your code, syntax highlighting, code hints, syntax checking in realtime, and many others. PHPEdit also includes other features such as templates, code generation and PHPDoc replacement methods, which help you to create your code.

The objective of this software is to create professional and dynamic webpages faster, more efficiently and more easily.

PHPEdit contains a de-bugger or script de-bugger that provides a comprehensive service. In addition to basic functions such as working with call-stack, watches or breakpoints, you have access to more advanced features such as profiling facilities, realtime de-bugging, and an extension that integrates XDebug for Firefox, which simplifies de-bugging.

Diagnostics center and debugger configuration
Diagnostics center and debugger configuration

Additional Information

This IDE for Windows is specifically designed to help manage and organize files so that you can get the maximum performance from them. This is essential to achieve efficient management, and for teamwork development. The user can obtain an overview of the projects and files using the browser code and browser project code. PHPEdit can automatically generate reports from your tasks so that you can manage their development more easily.

On the developers' website you can get free access to various tutorials and videos about various tools, the de-bugger, code editing, PHP language, and other issues such as the incorporation of PHP code within HTML. You can download some of this information about PHPEdit, and you can even find screenshots that clarify the doubts that you may have. It also provides a forum where users share questions, suggestions and errors.

Customize your editor
Customize your editor

PHPEdit Features

The main features of PHPEdit are the following:

  • PHPEdit makes it possible to arrange your files in different projects in the Project Explorer. You can work with several files simultaneously, and set project dependencies.
  • There are many integrated editing tools for helping to write code, such as syntax checking, syntax highlighting, code folding, and code completion.
  • Using PHPEdit you have the possibility of generating getters and setters, overriding methods, implementing interfaces, and generating phpDoc.
  • The de-bugger helps you to de-bug your projects, incorporating breakpoints, error logs, watchers, immediate evaluation, and more.
  • Its modular architecture makes it possible to install extensions in your IDE that match your needs, so you can get more customizable settings. These extensions include Prado, Symfony, CVS and Subversion, FTP, eZ Publish, PHPUnit.
  • Frameworks are supported with minimal configuration, which helps you to work faster and maximize your output.
  • PHPEdit supports several programming languages such as PHP, SQL, HTML, Javascript, XML, XSLT or CSS.
  • It includes examples for an easy implementation, development support for SQL databases, source control and others.

If you need to read more information about PHPEdit, you can visit the developers’ website

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements of PHPEdit are:

  • Operating system: Windows XP
  • RAM Memory: 512 MB
  • HDD: Depending on the amount of modules you need to install, you will need 60 to 200 MB of free space.