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A Program That Is Best Suited for Web Designers and Professional Web Developers

By Daren Garius

On Tuesday, July 15, 2014

With the excellent leaps in web design over the past years, sites can fall out of style rapidly. The question is, how do you keep up with technology? How do we keep our websites looking fresh and more exciting? Well, Adobe Dreamweaver CC will help you with that. It provides tools that can help you with your problems. Obviously this program has the best CSS designer compared to other versions of it. It provides visual aids for CSS attributes that apply to the objects. With it, you can now adjust your settings individually, and it makes web design more accessible to the all users who prefer working with a visual layout, those are the people who don’t work exclusively with codes. Moreover, the updated interface of CC makes it more very easy to use and offers a smoother workflow, and with that you can get things done with smaller amount clicks.


  • It writes decent HTML in WYSIWYG mode
  • Enhanced web fonts integration and interface


  • It can be very intimidating for beginners
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A Coding Editor with lots of Excellent Tools to make your Work Easier

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, July 18, 2014

I must say that when it comes to coding editors, Adobe Dreamweaver CC is on the top of the list of every web designers and developers today. I think all sort of coding is possible with this exceptional program. I find its interface very user-friendly and it has excellent tools that are appropriate for both professionals and amateur users. In this program, your coding tasks become easier and faster. It also has a better performance and stability. Moreover, it re-established the Print Code functionality as well as the color icons in the files panel. In addition, this software includes features that can be very helpful in your work like jQuery that make your web pages Java-interactive. It also has HTML5/CCC3 support screen adjustment and style application. At the same time, the visual editing tools will assist you in making web standard codes and swiftly apply CSS properties like box shadows. All in all, Adobe Dreamweaver CC is an excellent program to use.


  • The program’s interface is user-friendly
  • Makes coding easier and faster


  • Quite intimidating for a first-time user
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Create awesome and interesting websites with the help of this effective program

By Sam James

On Friday, June 12, 2015

I use both Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop in web designing. It is very easy to edit images from Dreamweaver to Photoshop and just go back to the Dreamweaver and see the changes already in effect. These two programs are both vital in making beautiful and interesting sites. I prefer seeing the changes I’ve made in real-time. With the Design view, I immediately see the layout of my work. If you are tired of the common fonts used in the past, you can manage fonts by taking advantage of the open-source fonts in the Adobe Edge Web Fonts tab. There are plenty of fonts to choose from and you can use all of them anytime. Although you can customize the program’s interface, you might have issues working around the CSS Designer panel because of the various windows you need to open. If you are subscribed to Creative Cloud, you should definitely check out this program. It will help you further develop and enhance your web creativity.


  • Commendable copy and paste option
  • Designing for PCs, tablets and phones is available


  • The redo and undo option is unpredictable
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • am student i have to practice for my self so i need this software can u help me now how to i downloaded and installation please how many days its working

  • desaign web in some instute for registration to solve the problem that's why have interest to developt design web. hope it will be value in my country

  • designing websites with html and css for best viewing and wysiwyg configuration im the best designer out there nobody can beat my skills of design

  • I want to try it for using before to buy it. Make sure everything fit with my needs for web designing that I will work as a future job in ae

  • developing web apps more so to see it supports jquery mobile or not if it does then yahoo i will be able to work on my app for 30 more days.

What similar programs have you used?
  • Microsoft Expression Web 4. This tool is similar to Dreamweaver in a sense that it has both the coders and designers view to enable easier access to panel of their interest.

  • this adobe dreamweaver cc 2015 is very very easy to work my project and very simple create program ganerated.then i hope this type file simply created

  • web designing and maitenance . Generating modifications in adobe dream weaver. And so amny reasons , that's why i am using this ultimate softwaere.

  • I never used anything before. This is first time and it's for one of our team member to complete some training on it. Please allow me to download

  • i have used brackets...notepad...node pad ++ and sublimetext and many moreprograms that you can see you just shut up an ang give me a link to download the from

What do you like most about this program?
  • It's give me a work spece that I can edit any template. Adobe Creative cloud is a great source for graphic. Before adobe dream weaver I used

  • yes i like aA good answer will demonstrate a knowledge of the company and industry. That means you must do your homework so that you can identify specific reasons for wanting to work for the firm.bout this program

  • Easy Tool for Designing Webpage's for Client's that Demand Sleek and Professional Looking and Operating Bussiness Webpages Done Quickly W Ease

  • this is used for responsive web design an it showing error in same page and it will showind picks and color picker also next clear the error

  • because this app is used for creating large scale website. this app also contains css sheet which will enable me to create my page layout with


Adobe Dreamweaver is a full featured web development tool. With constantly changing web development trends, is complicated for a software maker to keep up, but this version is very close. It is full of new and interesting and useful features focused on the development of applications, mobile web, HTML5 and CSS3.

You can see the values of the different CSS properties of each element and change them, viewing the results in real time with Live View

If you download this software you can synchronize your settings across your different machines. This makes it easy to keep your files and settings in several systems. You can also have access to your information from anywhere. There is a great improvement in the CSS Designer. You can see the values of the different CSS properties of each element, and change them and view the results in real time with Live View.

There is a broad range of fonts in TypeKit, a font subscription gallery that is integrated in your Creative Cloud. It automatically introduces the code to make the font work and installs it. Another remarkable feature is the incorporation of grids for designing web applications. It saves a lot of time and makes it easier to develop applications for the three main different devices: tablet, mobile or desktop.

jQuery UI is also incorporated in Adobe Dreamweaver. This can help programmers using jQuery, because there is an available list of components that you can insert in one click. As well, it gives you the advantage of updating jQuery to the latest version automatically using your Creative Cloud. You can add your interactive animations into your website using Edge Animate. It includes an intelligent code completion that helps the programmer to develop code faster and easier. It supports many languages, such as PHP, JavaScript, LESS and SASS.

Additional Information

Adobe Dreamweaver helps you create responsible and modern websites. It is not perfect, and even with its simplified interface, it can be thorny to navigate on it. On the other hand, it offers a complete and diverse set of features, including updated CSS panels, web standards support, PhoneGap support, integration with Behance Prosite and Edge Web Fonts tool.

You can download help to learn and manage Adobe Dreamweaver. There are a huge number of free download tutorials, videos and screenshots to help you in the task of handling this tool. You will find help and free detailed documentation about the latest improvements to the tool in the developer’s website. There is even the possibility of taking advantage of training courses about this website editor offered by the developer.

View how your application will look in different devices
View how your application will look in different devices

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 Features

The main features of Adobe Dreamweaver are:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver incorporates an improved CSS designer. Generate web-standard and clean code using visual editing tools
  • Visualize the relations between HTML elements
  • Renewed Live view that gives a view of the web content providing the same performance
  • Adobe Dreamweaver has a modern platform that supports JavaScript, HTML, PHP and CSS
  • Enhanced Grid Layout that helps you design applications for different screen sizes
  • Synchronize your settings and take them with you thanks to Creative Cloud
  • Use different styled typographies while your web application loads quickly
  • There is an improved code view which highlights matching tags and line numbers
  • It is possible to drag-and-drop jQuery UI widgets
  • Improve your projects with movies and sounds

If you want to know more about Adobe Dreamweaver you can visit the official website here

Take advantage of the various fonts provided by this tool
Take advantage of the various fonts provided by this tool

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements are:

  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4
  • RAM: 1GB
  • HDD: 1GB of free space
  • Video card: 16-bit
  • Monitor: 1280x1024
  • Registration and Internet connections are required to activate this software and to access different services online