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SlimBrowser 7.00.119

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SlimBrowser is an Internet application with which you will be able to perform your usual actions, such as uploading images, in a faster way. This customizable software presents an interface with several default functionalities such as a popup blocker and connections with Amazon and Facebook, among other popular webpages, in order to avoid unnecessary configurations. SlimBrowser provides immediate access to your favorite websites from the browser’s homepage, which really saves your time. It places them as quick dial buttons on the main page, and allows advanced functions thanks to safe, optional toolbars.

Taking a look at this application, you'll find that it really resembles Internet Explorer due to several changes to interface. In this case, we find that the main address bar is near the search field in which you can type any term, in order to perform a quick-search in several webpages, for instance, not only at Google but also at Wikipedia. Each new tab can be opened blank, without content, or with the speed dial menu and even with your different bookmarks.

SlimBrowser provides immediate access to your favorite websites from the browser’s homepage

The navigation speed is average for the first time you visit a webpage, but once SlimBrowser gets the webpage in its recent files, it boosts the loading of the content. It is compatible with additional software that is available to download, such as Ad Blocker that enhances a good number of functions it provides with simple installation.

Additional Functions

One of the main advantages of SlimBrowser is its security. Thanks to its blacklist feature, you can ban the webpages you want so you won't visit them again, in case they are not secure. This is pretty customizable and you can also easily add sites to a whitelist to allow visits to websites again. The select-and-translate function provides faster translation of terms you can’t understand of foreign languages.

Its integration with Facebook allows it to share any kind of in-page content in just a couple of clicks, increasing your productivity on this social network. It also allows the installing of additional toolbars that you can choose to download, but it blocks undesirable elements that have not been granted access to your system. For example, you can install Roboform, an intelligent filler that is fully compatible with SlimBrowser, and which really helps users with their everyday work.

Thanks to its tab-page navigation style, it allows multiple-site visits at the same time without wasting too many resources. It can accelerate the download of your files thanks to its multi-thread process as well as allowing the possibility of getting free online videos on to your local computer. Another great function that protects your computer from getting junk files and malware is the popup blocker, which prevents these elements from entering your system.

Favorite Website Management
Favorite Website Management

SlimBrowser 7.00.119 Features

These are the unique features that SlimBrowser provides its users:

  • It gets files and loads Internet websites faster due to its multi-thread manager
  • Total integration with Facebook, enabling immediate actions with just one click ,like sharing photos and publishing a new status
  • Quick photo upload, optimizing your images before the process is started
  • Auto filler integrated to save your time, introducing the same terms over again
  • Quick dial access for opening your favorite websites in an instant without looking for them
  • Gets external popup adverts blocked avoiding annoying windows when you visit websites
  • Online Spell Checker to correct everything you write without external aid
  • Fully customizable browser with additional skins, toolbars, and modifiable elements

In case you want to get more information on SlimBrowser, you are free to check its official website through this link.

Privacy options included in the browser
Privacy options included in the browser

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements in order to install SlimBrowser successfully:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or further
  • CPU: 350MHz or faster
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • HDD: 20 MB free disk space