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Instagram for Chrome 5.9.5

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Instagram for Chrome is an extension for your browser that allows its users to gain immediate access to this popular social network. Thanks to this Web element you are able to check new pictures your friends upload in a very comfortable way, just by clicking on the icon that appears beside Chrome’s omnibar.

The interface is similar to what you can find on your smartphone, very visual and clean. It even shares some of the touch options of these devices, like the double tap (in this case double click) for liking photos. You have the option of opening Instagram for Chrome in a different pop-up window, with the same functions but with a customizable point of view, since you can change its size.

you are able to check new pictures your friends upload in a very comfortable way

From this free add-on, you can manage your own Instagram account, add new friends, put comments on several photographs, and check the latest notifications on your profile. There is a search field you can find in the main menu in which you can look for tags and users. This is pretty handy if you want to see a concrete theme identified thanks to the different tags the users include in the picture’s description.

An example of an online picture
An example of an online picture

Simple application

One of the things that sets this extension apart from other add-ons is its simplicity. This can also be somewhat troublesome, however, since it doesn’t include any advanced characteristics and doesn’t allow you to upload photographs from the app. In this sense, it could be much improved by including this necessary feature in order to get full control of your Instagram profile from your personal computer.

Instagram for Chrome allows you to check the most popular photos on the Web at the moment. This way you can get to know which themes are the new trends among Instagram users. This can be useful for getting some inspiration for making new photographs. The app seems to be targeted at those users who don’t use their accounts in an active way, only checking other users’ photos and comments.

Instagram for Chrome 5.9.5 Features

These are the unique features this add-on provides its users:

  • Manage your personal Instagram account adding new users and checking your own photos
  • See the activity of the users you are following, the photos they like, and the new content they upload
  • Get quick access to your favorite pictures from the “Likes” option in the main app menu
  • Pop-Out function for extending the Instagram for Chrome view to a much bigger window
  • Check out the new trends on the Web just by clicking on the Popular option, and see which photos people are commenting on right now

If you want to learn more about this extension before you download it, feel free to check its

Sign up in order to access to your personal account
Sign up in order to access to your personal account

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements your computer must meet in order to download and run this application on your browser:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 Processor or later
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM or more
  • HDD: 65 MB free space on disk for the download