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For what are you going to use the program?
  • recover data from old disks i have, I have changed pcs and lost my origjnal software I used to make the back ups. what more csn i say thank you

  • file backup for a computer hard drive inside the laptop that we are all working on today at this time and this sucks having to type this much for a free download


Nero BackItUp is a system utility for creating backups of your files and your computer in order to protect your personal information against data loss, and to restore it whenever you need it. Thanks to this Nero program and its easy use, you can not only protect your personal computer but also your Android mobile device, as long as it is synchronized with the application.

The application saves the new backups, encrypting the information and compressing it in order to handle it better with less space. Once it gets the new backup, Nero BackItUp uploads it to its server so it can be available from anywhere, as long as you can access the Internet. This way, with this online service, you can recover your personal information, multimedia files or those elements you think are important.

It saves new backups, encrypting the information and compressing it to handle it in less space.

Security is one of its main concerns from what can we tell. Nero BackItUp offers its online service protected by 256 bit SSL technology , which can be only accessible with your personal user account. The access is completely free, so you can upload and download as many times as you want, but with limited space. The application allows you to save your new backup in several devices, such as your local disk, in a network device connected to your system or even to burn it to an optical disc.

How to use

The way of using Nero BackItUp is very simple and intuitive. First of all you will need to select the folder you want to save. You can choose as many directories as you want, but we recommend you select only what you need in order to avoid saving unnecessary files. Then you will have to choose where to target your new backup among the available possibilities.

The last step will set the scheduler for setting how often the backup will take place. This option allows your system to update backups from time to time or manually. If you set the option daily, you will make sure that you don’t lose any information. Another option is the compression rate you can set, for saving your disk space as well as the encryption time.

Nero BackItUp also works on your Android smartphone just by selecting the Mobile Backup option in the main screen. The steps were very clear, and just by synchronizing your mobile device with your computer through a Wi-Fi connection, you will be able to upload your content to your computer and create a copy.

Nero BackItUp Features

These are the unique characteristics you can find in Nero BackItUp:

  • Fast backup creation of your hard drive or any of your folders individually, enabling more personal backups to restore your system
  • Enhanced encryption not only for local files but also in its online service for storing your backups in the cloud or burn them into a disc
  • Scheduler for programming new backups or updating the old ones that you already created in your computer
  • Synchronization with mobile devices for securing your Android tablet or smartphone in a proper way
  • Easy restore for your computer and mobile devices in almost just one-click

If you want to learn more about this application before the download, feel free to visit its developer’s webpage.

System Requirements

Here you can find the system requirements you need to run this download:

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP3 or later
  • CPU: 2 GHz Intel or AMD processor
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • HDD: 1 GB free disk space for full installation
  • Optical drive for CD burning process