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View and edit images, play audio and video files, and do much more with IrfanView

By Gfx Syne

On Thursday, November 26, 2015

IrfanView has been around since quite a while. It’s a simple and free photo editing program for personal users. It supports a wide range of image file formats so that users are able to view and edit images in the image viewer. This includes the ability to crop images, resize them, convert file formats, make color adjustments, and make basic edits. IrfanView’s batch processing is also a useful tool which allows application of an effect to a large number of images.There is a plugin database on its official website which allow for different operations for example handling EXIF files, raw files, detecting faces in images, et cetera. IrfanView also allows audio and video files to be played by downloading one of its plugins. The interface is pretty much simple and minimalistic but the program offers plentiful resources to view and edit images, especially for personal users who do not require the advanced editing tools.


  • Simple, easy, and resourceful program
  • Large plugin database for additional operations
  • Easy to use batch processing


  • Minimal UI; lacks the ability to perform complex edits
Ease to access guides and manuals:




IrfanView is a free image viewer, very popular on the Net. The software can show, edit and convert image files and play audio and video files. IrfanView may not be as powerful as other photo editors like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or Paint.NET, as this software was developed to be a fast an easy photo viewer. Able to manage a large variety of formats, the software is a good solution to have for a quick look at your photos.

The program has no cost for private and non-commercial use, and is considered one of the first graphic viewers, since it’s been over a decade that they’ve been improving the service and features. The IrfanView official website is full of plugins to complete the program with the latest tools, and features to adapt the software to new technologies and formats.

New paint and photo edit options
New paint and photo edit options

How to use

Once you install IrfanView on your system, it functions quite simply. Managing from the keyboard with different hot keys, the software is able to show over 90 different kinds of images, videos and audio formats. By just pressing the space bar, we will change between files in a really easy and intuitive way. For zoom in/out we just need to press + or -.

The program offers a range of tools for a quick photo editing. Rotates, resizes and retouches will be quite easy. This new version offers a variety of new tools to paint or add multiple effects to your photos. IrfanView defines itself as one of the first Windows graphic viewers, and the first one to add GIF and Multipage TIF support. Even though the software interface and the website need a full redesign, it’s true that the program is quite good and works fine for what had been designed for. IrfanView doesn’t need a lot of space nor a very powerful machine to run it, and is a good tool to quickly check large amounts of photos. It supports Photoshop Filters and can do for free what other can’t do for a fee. It is quite intuitive and stable and is able to modify more than one picture at the time.

IrfanView is free for private and non-commercial use and is considered one of the first graphic photo viewers

IrfanView is developed in just one EXE-file with no shareware messages or DLLs. There is no need to register or accept any actions/permissions. Once you install it, it is fully operational. For advanced users, the software can be completed with different and useful plug-ins. Just download them from the official website and get new photo effects, formats and media support.

IrfanView 4.37 Features

Check the latest software features below:

  • New paint and photo edit options
  • Huge file format support
  • Save Slideshows as EXE/SCR or burn them to a hard disc
  • Multimedia player
  • Hot keys. Control the whole program with your keyboard
  • Advance image processing
  • Many plugins available to complete the software

Advance image processing
Advance image processing

System requirements

Before you download the software, please check if your computer fits the minimum system requirements:

  • Basically IrfanView is compatible with every computer that works with Windows XP and higher.

For more information about IrfanView, before download, please check .

  • No Shareware messages or DLLs
  • Unicode support
  • Multilingual support
  • Quick and stable
  • Needs an extensive interface review
  • Not as powerful as other image viewers