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For what are you going to use the program?
  • editing photo graphic retouching collage maker apply photo effects and add frames texts creating filters stickers speech bubbles editing pictues

  • i was already using this product and mistakingly deleted i used it for my own pic its is a very gud product having lot of functions to edit the pic

  • Just for private hobby and training for more advanced Zoner-versions. Hope it will be a great help in improving my photos. Thanks very much.

  • To teach to the students in photo editing. They will then work as a professional. They cn built a better carier for their long life and later

  • pictures personal for me only and to scan things i don't know what else to write isn't this long enough the rain in spain falls mainly on the

What do you like most about this program?
  • so many features ... but ease of comparing files for dupes. Plus easy to undo photo changes. I really like Zoner version 16. Thank you very much.

  • I think this program is the best for image processing I have used and I want to continue to use it because the computer lost the ZPS moving onto Windows 10


Zoner Photo Studio is your best solution for all your photo needs. With a complete beginner-friendly philosophy, this free software allows you to download your pictures from your camera, organize them on your computer, retouch your work with its editing tools, and share them with everyone through Zoner’s online community or in your social media networks.

Retouch the colour, resize the photo, sharpen it...
Retouch the colour, resize the photo, sharpen it...

How to Use

Once you download Zoner Photo Studio on your computer, its capabilities will be active. Connect your camera to your PC ports and ZPS will automatically import your pictures, make a back-up and sort your pictures into folders.

Managing your photos has never been this easy. Thanks to its Batch Edit mode, Zoner Photo Studio will organize them by name and GPS coordinates, with the possibility of adding keywords or descriptions using the EXIF data standard.

With all our memories backed up, it’s time to enhanced them with a little bit of editing. Retouch the colour, resize the photo, sharpen it, and fix the horrible red eye glow, the exposure, the contrast… just like with professional software, we have all the necessary tools to improve our pictures with a Quick Edits bar on the screen.

Different filters and effects will give you a world of possibilities to retouch your memories

For all of you who have deep knowledge of photo formats, you will be able to work with your RAW files in a real easy and comprehensive way. Zoner Photo Studio is compatible with most photo formats used by all the cameras today. At the same time, ZPS can help you with Internet-based and scanned images you want to work with.

In addition, different filters and effects will give you a world of possibilities to retouch your memories. Add-ons will give you interesting tools to create 3D and HDR looks, or even incredible panoramas.

As soon as you are happy with your work, you will be able to upload it to Facebook, Flickr or Picasa in a direct and easy way, or you can even email them to your family and friends while working within the application.

In addition to this, Zoner Photo Studio offers its own online community. which is the place to upload and share unlimited photos with other users, or even to create your own photo albums for free.

Zoner Photo Studio 16 Features

Here are the main features of this program:

  • Use Zoner PhotoStudio as your photo software manager. From downloading to retouching and sharing, it’s the whole photo workflow in one program
  • With one-click, the Viewer module will open and show you all your pictures in a slideshow
  • Great photo editor. Easier and as powerful as programs like Photoshop
  • Many effects and filters to retouch your work
  • It’s easy to share pictures in your social media networks
  • is the new photo sharing network

Organize your pics by GPS coordinates
Organize your pics by GPS coordinates

System requirements

Please be sure your PC has the necessary system requirements for installation:

  • OS: Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed or higher
  • Intel Pentium 4 or higher
  • At least 1GB RAM
  • Minimum of 350 MB of free HDD space
  • 1024 x 768 High minimum color resolution

For more information about the software, please check the developer’s website .

  • Excellent photo organization
  • Compatible with most camera formats today
  • Filters, effects and editing tools to improve your pictures
  • Picture sharing with Zonerama
  • ACDSee inheritor
  • UI quite restrictive. It is not possible to move the menus
  • Some functions are hidden