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Navicat for MySQL 11.0.17

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Navicat for MySQL software user review for php nuke by James Meyette

By James Meyette

On Thursday, September 18, 2014

Navicat has many available pieces of software available for developers to purchase and make use of with an intuitive and easy to use user interface Navicat for MySQL is one of the best basic MySQL explorers that you can find out there they offer the software on a trial basis for anyone who wants to use it but that is limited to only 30 days of use after that you have to buy a license which can be rather expensive for some smaller companies or indie developers.

Other than the price being a little bit out of reach for some it is a great tool for accessing your MySQL databases that you may need to use and has an average drop down on the side for all of the tables that you can access on a database specific basis.

The software also allows you to have access to multiple databases at the same time so you don’t have to have multiple instances running, just sign out of one when you are done with it and log into the next one and work away.

In conclusion Navicat has a pretty large downfall in the fact that it isn’t accessible to anyone who would like to use it but if you have the funds to make a purchase and you are impressed with it after you have tried it with the trial then it just may be the ideal MySQL platform for you.


  • Easy to use user interface allows for quick access to your database/s
  • Simple setup to any database


  • Pretty high on the price side
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • application development for teaching purpose at university level and for research purposes too. I want to link it with java programming language

  • lineage2 server interlude to compile with mysql so people can join and i can change settings inside the game.I used this tool ages before ans its very usefull

What do you like most about this program?
  • its easy in use and it helps me out compiling with sql thats very important . And of course its free so i havent to spend mych money on this.

  • accurate to use evert doing sucjh a creating events program and other activities that use in my school also now i always use in my work so thats why is very useful his application


Navicat for MySQL is a great option for MySQL or MariaDB management and development. With this single application, you will be able to make multiple connections of MySQL databases. Its powerful and intuitive all-inclusive GUI allows you to maintain, manage and develop your databases. It also provides a comprehensive and useful set of tools for professionals as well as for those who are novice in MySQL and just need a basic functionality.

This software connects you to any remote or local MySQL and MariaDB server. With Navicat for MySQL you can enjoy secure encrypted communications and a strong authentication. Its Visual SQL Builder enables you to edit and create views and queries in a visual way without the use of commands or correct syntax. You just need to choose an operation and it will be written in SQL language for you.

With this single application, you will be able to make multiple connections of MySQL databases

Navicat for MySQL allows you to make graphical representations from relational databases in a simple way. This can help to give you a general view and even make modifications, comparisons, synchronizations and generate SQL/DDL scripts. Other remarkable features are the simplified process of transferring data between different databases, creating many types of reports, and importing or exporting data from many formats, such as XML, Excel, Access, TXT, JSON, and others. As an added bonus, this powerful software is free to download and try out.

Additional Information

It operates with any MySQL server from 3.21 or higher, and MariaDB 5.1 or above. It is compatible with Percona Server, Drizzle and OurDelta, and supports many of their features such as views, tables, events, procedures, functions, and many others.

If you need help working with this program there is some free documentation on the developer’s website, such as an online manual that includes instructions to get started, more advanced explanations, a PDF manual that you can download, and several articles. There are also useful videos, screenshots, a blog, and a forum to share any information.

Navicat for MySQL 11.0.17 Features

  • Using this software you can establish a secure session by SSH Tunnel connections
  • Object designers help you to design, modify and create database objects
  • It includes a table viewer that make it possible to modify, add, and delete records using a grid view
  • Use the foreign-key data section to automatically look up tables that are referenced by foreign keys, and create dropdown lists
  • You don’t need to learn commands or the syntax to edit and create queries and views
  • The database designer incorporated the feature “reverse engineer” to create database models from existing databases. It allows you to edit and visualize your database structure. “Synchronize to database” provides you a view of the differences between all the databases
  • Navicat for MySQL data manipulation tools includes data transfer, schedule, back-up and restore, import/export wizard, and data/structure synchronization
  • With Windows Enterprise you can enjoy the report builder with a friendly GUI
  • It incorporates other useful tools such as favorites, ER diagram, virtual grouping/connection coloring, and tree/object filter

If you want to read more information about this download, you can visit the developer’s official website here

Modify your database graphically
Modify your database graphically

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or Server 2003 (or higher)
  • Processor: Pentium II or above
  • HDD: 65 MB of free space