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  • you are providing good demo software which make us to understand easy and gives essential skill over the software development and hence kindl


PHP Designer is a complete development environment and is specially designed for PHP programming, but also allows for working comfortably in other programming languages such as HTML, XHTML, CSS and SQL. This software is created and developed by MPSoftware. PHP Designer supports typical languages like CSS, XML, HTML, JavaScript and PHP among others, used when you create web applications. The Intelligent Highlighting makes the highlight code dynamic; you can highlight the pieces of programming language code that you want, so everything is clearer and it helps. You can switch between CSS3, PHP5, JavaScript and HTML5. If you do not like this feature you can disable it on the options section of the software.

PHP Designer supports typical languages like CSS, XML, HTML, JavaScript and PHP among others, used when you create web applications.

This development environment helps you to code completion, automatic closing parenthesis, and quotes among others. But what is really helpful is the use of context messages when writing function calls, consisting of small floating text declarations of functions you are using. Its parameters, a brief description of the functionality and PHP where is available. The code completion aids include all PHP functions and libraries you are using in a project or have included a script in particular.

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How to use

The development environment of PHP Designer is quite attractive and functional with common features of the other PHP editor or PHP IDEs. At first, this software is quite simple to understand the mechanism of operation if you have experience with other environments. If you are not familiar in dealing with productivity applications programmers, perhaps it will be a bit more complicated for you to understand or get the full advantage.

Anyway, at first, PHP Designer is very simple to use as a simple PHP editor, selecting the files you want to edit through the file browser on your computer or FTP connections manager. There are free manuals available to help you with this versatile development environment that you can download.

PHP Designer 8.1.2 Features

Below you can find the features included on PHP Designer:

  • You can use the Intelligent Syntax highlighting
  • It has a Code explorer for PHP
  • PHP Designer is powerful, fast, and has a lot of configurations of PHP code beautifier with profile support
  • Enclose strings with, linefeed, single, double quotes, tabs or carriage return
  • It has a Code completion for phpDocumentor
  • PHP Designer can debug from external browsers
  • As a PHP editor, it is simple
  • Preview with Firefox, Internet explorer, Opera, Chrome and Safari
  • If you use the PHP interpreter from you can run PHP scripts
  • PHP Designer has a real time syntax check for HTML/XHTML, CSS and PHP
  • You can use the PHP interpreter of the web page, you have real time syntax check for PHP
  • Code completion for XHTML /HTML with JavaScript code completion and embedded CSS
  • You can suggest the missing close tag with the code completion automatically
  • You can go to any JavaScript function or variables declared in your project, opened files or document

If you need more information before you download PHP Designer, feel free to visit the developer’s website here

The Find and Replace function
The Find and Replace function

System Requirements

Before download PHP Designer, check the minimum system requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP
  • Processor: 233 MHz
  • Memory: 64 MB RAM
  • HDD: 100 MB of free space