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By Hande Njr

On Friday, October 31, 2014

This is a social network platform that is mainly for business professionals. The platform was made available to the public on May 2003.It has close to three hundred users and it is available in various languages in over two hundred different countries in the world. As a new individual user you have to open an account where you fill in personal and professional details which are all components of your profile which entails a lot of aspects like your job, qualifications, education background among other details. LinkedIn is not only for individuals but also companies can create their profiles where they can communicate about their entities and even post available vacancies. Companies have been known to poach individuals from LinkedIn so if you are a job seeker it also helps to have your profile. Groups can also be created where people with affiliated interests can come together and initiated fruitful professional discussions. The application is available on different platforms, thus; web platform, android, iOS, windows phone and blackberry. Therefore people with mobile devices can easily update their profiles on the go. It is generally a good platform that has become popular in todays market.


  • The application is available on different platforms.
  • It has a simple interface.
  • It is easy to use.


  • "It has no disadvantage so far"
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • for business communication & to be connected with world developments and to check job opportunists as and when they are available in freight

What similar programs have you used?
  • what else should I write besides saying that I used linkedin??? I am trying to download again because it doesn't work anymore. hopefully it will.


LinkedIn is a professional social network which gathers all the important data about your career. Thanks to this download, users can publish their CV and let other users see it. LinkedIn is currently one of the best free ways of letting people get to know you, as well as link to professionals with similar interests.

LinkedIn is useful whether you work or you are unemployed, since you can get in touch with old co-workers, introduce yourself in new circles, search for another job by adding people in specific areas, and look for interesting groups to join. With LinkedIn for your mobile, you can access your professional information and take a look at the huge database of users it has. Having good relationships with your colleagues will be easy, the same way it is in other social networks.

It presents a complete news feed with the latest posts shared by your contacts
It presents a complete news feed with the latest posts shared by your contacts

A place to enhance your work relationships

As a mixture of Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn allows you to communicate, from a professional point of view, with other users from your same field. Like Facebook, with this download you can add people you know –former co-workers, friends from other work areas or acquaintances from your job. On the other hand, like Twitter you can share interesting news or stories, read on forums, see events, conferences or blogs.

With LinkedIn for your mobile, you can access your professional information and take a look at the huge database of users it has

As we have said above, LinkedIn is great for building good professional relationships. Your partners or people who have worked with you can write recommendations or their opinion about you. You can always feed your profile by adding your qualities, achievements, information about your career and even import your Twitter account, all for free. LinkedIn is also a useful for getting to know people you will meet, for example, in a job interview.

Customize your profile and add the latest information about your career
Customize your profile and add the latest information about your career

LinkedIn 1.1.3 Features

This version of LinkedIn for your mobile comes with the following features:

  • Expand your professional relationships by adding colleagues and people from your field thanks to this social network
  • Twitter integration to share everything you post on your LinkedIn profile in your timeline
  • Write and receive recommendations from your boss and former co-workers
  • Update your profile in real time
  • You can join groups of interesting people and themes related to your career (public or private groups)
  • You download a standard account which you can upgrade to LinkedIn Premium Subscription when you want to enjoy additional features

If you want to know more about LinkedIn, feel free to visit the developer’s website .

Your contacts can endorse your values and qualities
Your contacts can endorse your values and qualities

Minimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements to install LinkedIn for your mobile are:

  • Android 2.1 OS or higher
  • iOS 6.0 or higher
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Available for the following BlackBerry devices: 9000, 9100, 9105, 9220, 9300, 9310, 9315, 9320, 9330, 9350, 9360, 9370, 9380, 9620, 9650, 9670, 9700, 9720, 9780, 9788, 9790, 9800, 9810, 9850, 9860, 9900, 9930, 9981, Q10, Q5, Z10, Z30, 9981 and Porsche Design P9982


LinkedIn for mobile is a useful tool for getting to know people from your work and other specialized fields you are interested in. Furthermore, it can help people learn about you and your achievements, both academic and professional.