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By Kevin Kimaita

On Wednesday, December 10, 2014


As the game suggests this is a soccer game whereby you as a player can control some players and make them make some movements in which the main aim is to score as many goals as possible. As a player you can choose from only four countries but you keep unlocking more countries as you progress in the game by watching some videos an some other countries can be unlocked by buying with money so that you can be able to play with all of the countries for me i think this is very fun and it helps you to be more advantaged as you are playing with some of the best countries in soccer in the world. When you first download the game you start to play using the training mode so as to develop your skills so as to be able to play in the other game efficiently.


The following are the features for stickman soccer 1.7

The graphics are very simple.

There are three levels that is easy, medium and also the hardest.


This game offers the best platforms for people to train and become very good soccer players.


  • the game has very many stadiums to choose from.
  • the game is very fun to play.


  • The game can be addictive if one keeps playing it.
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Stickman Soccer is a sports game based on little stickman players that you can control to make your team win. Developed by Djinnworks e.U., its fast-paced gameplay make this app a very entertaining adventure in which you have to play frenetically to score as many goals as possible.

Watching how stickmen play and perform their movements is stunning

At first, you can choose from four national teams: Japan, Chile, Russia and Spain; but as you go through the game you can unlock more. To do this, you have to watch some videos, but if you don't want to do this, you can use real money to purchase the "Become a Pro" pack, in which all the available countries are at your disposal. Once you unlock all the teams, 32 countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and Argentina are playable. With the previously mentioned pack, you can also unlock StreetSoccer. However, this mode can be unlocked for free just by watching some videos.

Graphically, the game is very simple, but it does not need any more. Watching how stickmen play and perform their movements is stunning. Besides, they wear the colors of their country; and you even have the option of choosing the second kit's color. This way, you won’t mix up the players in the match.


Stickman Soccer has three default modes, and an unlockable one, StreetSoccer. When you first download the game, it is important to play in the Training mode, where you can develop your abilities as a player. The developers show you the controls within this mode. You have two options: Manual Running, in which you control almost every aspect of the match; and Automatic Running, in which you have fewer movements to perform. You have five available movements in Manual Running: running with the joystick, or shooting, passing, switching player, and hard attacking with their corresponding buttons. In Automatic Running mode, you just have to tap on a teammate to pass the ball, or tap on the goal to shoot.

Once you know the controls, you can play the Quick Game mode, or the Season mode. In the first one, you just choose a team and play a match with the opposing country of your choice. Here you can choose between manual or automatic running, and also the difficulty of the match (easy, medium or hard) and the duration of the match (3, 5, 8 or 15 minutes). Finally, you can choose the colors of the kits; and then just enjoy. The Season mode is quite similar, but here you must choose a team and lead it to the highest position in the ranking. For this, you have to compete against other teams and win matches to get points. The more points you gain, the higher you will be in the ranking.

Stickman Soccer 2.6 Features

Here you can see the main features of Stickman Soccer:

  • Four modes to play: Quick Game, Seasons, Training mode, and StreetSoccer as a bonus
  • Possibility of choosing the match time
  • Three different difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard for the bravest
  • Possibility of choosing between Manual Running or Automatic Running
  • More than 30 national teams to choose from
  • Lots of stadiums in which to compete
  • Multiplatform: available for iOS and Android

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System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download this sports app to your Android device are:

  • Operating System: Android 2.2 FroYo and newer versions
  • Free Space: 22 MB available

If you want to download this app to your iOS device, the minimum requirements are:

  • Operating System: iOS 4.3 or newer versions
  • Free Space: 29.7 MB available