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The year, 1923: Our story starts in the room of the small Didi, a lovely and adventurous girl of independent spirit who lives with his mother, Ka

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Monday, August 10, 2015

A degree never defined a game as well. Contrast is a constant contrast in all its nuances, with great visual details and playable level, afeados by other elements. We have a control that is revealed in the third person and rough engine problems collision of textures such that two to three more testing sessions have been resolved, which sometimes hinder progress, but never without actually harm as soon The study throws us some of those moments of 2D platforming simply to tip my hat to the merger of narrative, puzzles and jumps contemplate and handle. It is short, and worse: It makes us short, ending when we are comfortable and want more puzzles, more tests and a higher level of difficulty that will challenge us. Contrast seems the preamble to something more, something bigger, a kind of Ground Zeroes before The Phantom Pain that introduces us to a mechanical act in the shadows, and the best jazz universe Burlesque and Noir cabarets more this kind of Paris of the 20s offers. But for the moment it is just that, an experience from which, if we keep the good offers, we have moments of jumps and as imaginative as original evidence to enjoy pad in hand. As for the game itself to pay 15 euros, it reveals Contrast expensive for what it offers, just three hours in total, more than a few moments compensate the fans of other indies experiences as Limbo, or RAIN Brothers. As a free title with PSN + for PlayStation 4 is a game that you have to try, if only to check on the Next Gen a tiny degree, compared with AAAs, but much older than most of these in demonstrating imagination, feeling and personality, something that is not achieved only with money, but with talent and desire, two things that are missing from the independent sector.


  • The art direction and soundtrack, which give a strong personality to the experience
  • The dramatic charge of the main story, and details that enrich and expand with collectibles


  • It becomes very short, ending when we already have under control gameplay




Contrast is a puzzle-platform game developed by Compulsion Games. This game blends together different elements, such as 2D and 3D puzzle challenges, and the use of shadows to create a game capable of competing with other releases in the crowded Indie sector. Contrast offers a mix of old styles, like Noir, Burlesque, Cabaret and the roaring 20s.

We play as Dawn, a character able to move around in this 3D space, who can phase into a silhouette capable of jumping between nearby shadows as if she was a 2D platformer. Throughout Contrast gameplay, you will have to use logic to solve puzzles that require movement between the real world and projected shadows.


The year is 1923: Contrast’s story begins in Didi’s bedroom. Didi is a young and adventuresome girl who lives with her mother, Kat. A long time ago, Didi was abandoned by her father Johnny, so she compensates the loss with Dawn, an imaginary friend that only appears when Didi is alone. As a single parent, Kat tries to provide a good life for her daughter. She works hard to become the headline act in the most popular cabaret in the entire city: the Ghost Note. During Kat’s opening night, a rumor starts circulating around the city: Johnny is back, and he is setting up something big…

Throughout Contrast gameplay, you will have to use logic to solve puzzles that require movement between the real world and projected shadows.

Contrast gameplay occurs in a city that is not completely enclosed, but it is not a sandbox. This means that, although you are free to move around, there are limits. We will be able to interact with the environment, break things, and use our most important power: the ability blend with shadows. The playable base of these mechanics lie in the use of light. Every lamp or lantern gives us the opportunity to rearrange projected shadows, opening up new possibilities for Dawn.

Although Contrast is brief (around 3 hours game time), developers have placed hidden objects that we need to collect in order to complete 100% of this game. Those collectible objects are photos, newspaper articles or letters. They are pretty important if you want to understand the whole storyline, since it will become more interesting as you move forward in Contrast.

Dawn can use shadows to reach inaccessible places.
Dawn can use shadows to reach inaccessible places.

Contrast Full Version Features

Here are the features of Contrast:

  • Use logic and manipulate light and shadows to move forward by projecting different shadows in different places so Dawn can move through them
  • Multiplatform: you can enjoy Contrast on Microsoft Windows computers, the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
  • A mature story full of neglect, solitude and lies which is perfectly narrated through dialogue and simple cut scenes
  • Collectibles: gather hidden objects, such as newspapers and letters, to discover additional background information about the main storyline
  • Jump into Paris in the 1920s: you are free to explore the streets and bohemian alleys, as well as lighthouses, museums and a fair

If you need more information before you download Contrast, feel free to check the developer’s official website.

Newspapers offer background information about the storyline
Newspapers offer background information about the storyline

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run Contrast in your computer are:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: AMD Athlon 64 Dual core or Intel equivalent
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB or higher
  • Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GT 330 or AMD equivalent


This title is what its name indicates, a game full of contrasts. It has great graphic details and gameplay. The 2D platforming is great at some points, and some puzzles will put your logic skills to the test. Nevertheless, Contrast is pretty short, and it will end just when you get used to the mechanics and start loving the storyline. All in all, this is a good download for your computer if you are a fan of platform games. This one will not let you down.