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3D Pool Game 1.0.2

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From the hidden and dark downtown billiard rooms comes a perfect application to enjoy the stunning sport of pool.

Imagine having your own billiard table at home, with all the time you want to practice your tricks and with free tips to improve your techniques.

With several game modes and an incredible online mode, 3D Pool Game is waiting for us to shoot.

This is one of the most realistic billiard simulators of all time. With most popular game modes included, like 8-ball, 9-ball or snooker, you'll practice your skills against the computer or with friends.

Built on a complete 3D structure, there are three difficulty levels to practice on or enjoy during an entertaining evening with friends.

3D Pool Game is one of the most realistic billiard simulators of all time.

The realistic graphics and physics let you control the pressure and strike direction to shoot the ball with the speed you want. You’ll play like a professional, setting the white ball wherever you want with skill and practice. There are a multitude of possible angles to set the camera, from the realistic player-focused (imitating the player’s eyes) to the central one, able to check the whole table from a top-down perspective.

The whole 3D Pool Game setup is inspired by a billiard club. In this perfectly designed 3D environment, you'll find bookshelves, nice lamps and even a majestic chimney. The ambience is completed with nice calm music that plays in a loop.

Perform stunning trick-shots accurately
Perform stunning trick-shots accurately

Game modes

The famous 8-ball is the best game in 3D Pool Game. Feel free to play two minutes in this retail version, and strike all the balls into the pockets. The complete version includes more options and game modes, such as “Countdown”, where you’ll have a time limit to win the game, and “Matrix”, where the time will increase depending on the ball you pot.

There are three levels on which to practice and improve your skills. After completion, you'll be able to get into the most select Billiard Club, where you can play tournaments and compete with other players around the world.

There is another game option where we can share our computer with a friend and play in turns through a relaxing “couch version” at home.

3D Pool Game 1.0.2 Features

Below you can find the main features of 3D Pool Game:

  • Incredible realism, nice 3D design and pool-hall ambience
  • The ball acts like it would in a real game
  • Online game in an exclusive Billiard Club
  • Different game modes, including 9-ball or Snooker
  • Compete with a friend sharing the same computer in turns

For further information before your download, feel free to check the

System requirements

Before the download, please check the following system requirements:

  • OS Windows 98 or newer.
  • 1.3 GB processor or higher.
  • 256 MB RAM or higher
  • Graphic card with at least 28 Mb


If you are a fan of billiards, this download is for you. This game is a very accurate simulation of this fantastic sport, and will offer you hours of fun and entertainment. Learn how to play like a pro with 3D Pool Game.

  • Very meticulous graphics and physics
  • Different ways to play, including snooker, 8-ball and 9-ball
  • Three game levels with tips
  • Perfect way of improving our skills at home
  • Single player and online mode to compete with players from all around the world
  • You can only use this software for a limited time.
  • Some functions are restricted.