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Tor Browser 5.0.4

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hide all your persnal information and stay safe while browsing the internet

By Pascal Kashamuka

On Thursday, February 4, 2016

i have been using this web browser for a very long period of time since i was informaed about it by my good friend brian.It major funtion is to hide the anonimity of the person that is using the internet at that particular time.It also hinders spywares fromtracking your internet and getting to know more about your personal information.When you click on new user it has the ability and capability to change your ip address and it will show that you are in germany and then later after you refresh your web broswer it will show that you are in france and the next time it can show that you are in united states of america nd the cycle continues.It hides the information that you are pursuing on the internet and therefore no hacker can be able to get to know your personal information or even where you are browsing from.


  • it hides all the content that you are doing in the internet
  • it prevents your information from being hacked to


  • there may be some bugs on the internet
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Tor Browser the unique browser that helps to concile the real IP address location.

By Kim Kiruma

On Monday, June 15, 2015

There is a main rise in many people losing their precious earned money through fraud s and internet related con artists. There is a general if not overall need for people sending their details especially on net to have a secure platform at all times in any given situation. There is a new and improved browser that is very useful to all those who require a safe platform.

Tor Browser version is based on Mozilla Firefox that has a more or less same interface as the Mozilla browser. The main reason for coming with this browser is to avert any traffic analysis. There was dare need to block any one from getting where you browsing from and this is achieved by producing a dynamic IP address any time you get to browsing. As opposed to dynamic IP address there is no possibility of being tracked down to the specific place of actual browsing.

Another mile stone is that the application is a portable tool and can be stored in a flash or portable device and hence no need to install in your computer.


  • The interface and graphics are very clear.
  • There is generation of dynamic IP addresses thus tracking is made impossible.
  • The application can be stored in a portable device and not necessarily installed.


  • Hackers have added tool of trade.
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Do you feel insecure while browsing?? Tor will secure all you browsing activity

By Frank Kanyua

On Monday, June 1, 2015

tor browser is an internet based plugin that enables any user to browse anonymously when he or she browses using it. It basically works in the way that many ip hiders works. It has a minor difference because it blocks all connections that try to acquire your exact cookies and ip address. In order to stop all the online adds that use ips. You only need to install this..

I actually dont see the need of the browser because some of the safe sites actually depend on your ip in order to get ads built in and for them to get paid.. Though some other sites are basically used as spywares in order to track your movements everywhere even after you leave your destined site..

Although tor is the best at what it does some websites, plugins,programs and addons will try and break tors security to pluck your real ip address. Now you ip is your lock once someone has it he or she can do much harm with. They can subscribe your ip to many online ads, but this is not always the case since, some office computers share one ip address if they are connected to the same server..

Some of the things that weaken tor are torrents because they actually ignore commands to read the ip differently and head over to read the real ones, this means that they actually intrude also the firewall in your computer and can share your computers full details. Addons also pose as a threat since they actually request and share your comps info, to implement this addons can introduce keyloggers to your system without you noticing, some powerful antiviruses will detect this but the addons will prompt you not to remove them..

Tor will be very helpful if you feel very overprotective of what is in your comp, but if you actually dont have sensitive information in your computer, there is no need to protect you whole computer from all the threats out there..


Since tor hides your real ip and location it will most likely also work as a vpn.. practically though am not sure.. Some sites use your ip to block you from accessing them, but them tor hides your ip from being detected, so maybe just maybe you will be able to access the sites..


  • It is portable and can be shared easily
  • Provides you with the best online mask
  • It is free of charge


  • torrenting over the tor browser weakens it
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • browsering without concern who is watching Just wish a super good programer(s) would come up with a single program that clears concerns mentionsed above.

  • For research and having some fun and explore a little bit dark net itself,maybe i see some advanteges in front of internet.Thank you for the tor browser It will be yery helpful.

  • surf the web using a different saying correct the thing that has me troubled. I think I have a hacker on my hands and i would like to find out

What similar programs have you used?
  • to open the filter sites in my country because i need some of them and they are filtered without any reasons...i think tor will do the best for me

  • I've used freegate application for browser and searching on internet for anything you want and need, even we have found some problem something

What do you like most about this program?
  • Its safer to use and my privacy so far is assured compared to other browsers like opera, mozila and explorer, I also like the developers who have a quick response system

  • free of money and l cam download anytime as l want no need to buy anything aplications and it is satisfying the most for me thans before for


  • it is so east to use and it works much better than google chrome. bypass virginmedia parent controls as well for me due to them being on for my sister

  • i like being able to change the location of my downloads or browsing. it makes it easier when certain areas are heavy with internet traffic.


Tor Browser is an Internet application designed for protecting your personal information and keeping users anonymous to all kinds of spyware. The main benefit of this program is the fact thatit grants a safe connection to the Tor Network service, with a strong level of security enabled. Tor Browser offers multiple tools for securing your connection and helping you to keep your browser clean and free from external spies.

This Tor Browser version is based on Mozilla Firefox, using the same interface and a similar way of working, with even a market service to download extensions to increase its functionality. The main target of Tor is to avoid traffic analysis. This ensures that your connection is not compromised, by assigning a dynamic IP address that changes any time you connect to Tor Network.

Tor Browser provides multiple tools for securing your Internet connection.

Through the included Vidalia Control Panel, you can activate Tor connection and change the settings of the application. It will also show you the bandwidth used since the software was activated. If you want to change your identity while you are surfing the Internet, all you need to do is click on “Use a New Identity” and your IP address will change automatically, avoiding the need for advanced configurations.

Why should I use this program?

Nowadays, the Internet is the most important source of information, in all possible senses. Your Internet activity can be analysed and your own privacy exposed, letting third parties obtain your personal data easily. Tor Browser enables an advanced routing process for protecting you against these kinds of menaces, thus improving your privacy. Thanks to that, your private messages and sensitive information won’t be traceable or detectable. As well as that, thanks to this software your physical location won’t be revealed to the websites you visit.

Tor Browser is a portable application that does not need to be installed on your system in order for it to run properly. Additionally, this Tor software does a pretty good job of handling cookies from any website, allowing you to establish filters against them if you don’t trust the webpage not to gather information about you.

On a negative note, Tor Browser slows down your browsing and downloading speed, but it is scarcely noticeable. This is a tiny price to pay in order to significantly improve your own security and privacy against external parties looking for your personal information. Tor Browser is pretty popular around the world due to its features, and the possibility of preserving your anonymity, which makes it perfect for business people and journalists as well as general users.

Tor Browser 5.0.4 Features

These are the unique features that Tor Browser provides once you download it:

  • It provides complete information about your Internet activity as well as letting you easily set filters against cookies for non-trusted websites
  • It provides anonymous Internet surfing as well as generating a new identity whenever you feel it necessary for your safety, through the Tor Network Service known as Onion Routing
  • It’s a portable application that doesn’t need to be installed on your system in order for it to run properly with all its features
  • It provides the possibility of connecting to proxies with different security levels to enhance your security
  • Tor Browser includes an option called HTTPS Everywhere, which encrypts your personal information on major webpages

If you want to get more information about this application, you are welcome to check its developers’ site.

Example of the included tools
Example of the included tools

System Requirements

These are the software’s system requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows XP or later
  • CPU: 200 MHz or faster
  • Memory: 32 MB of RAM
  • HDD: 26 MB free space on disk