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Access latest information as well as saving your preferences using Google search

By Reka Gimbi

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015

To search the net you need a good utility which will give good results. That is the work of Google search which is a free internet utility used to search the net for good accurate results needed. It is available for Android and also IOS devices. Google search integrates with Google Now giving you more chances of accessing information on the home screen. With Google search you are free and comfortable with your searches since you find what you are looking for like videos, pictures, music, checking the weather forecast and any other information you may need can be found here. It has automated notifications which notifies you on weather and traffic updates. You can search either by typing the word of what you want to find or search with the voice search. It also has an option to search by image whereby you take a picture and google will display results of what it has found and you choose from there.

Google Search is a good application to use to search and get the information you need. You can search either by typing the word, voice search or even image search.


  • After search it gives multiple suggestion giving you a possibility to get your results.
  • Has three different search options, typing, voice and image search.
  • Integrates with Google Maps and google Earth for better results.


  • It is not fully guaranteed for accuracy.
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Google Search is a free Internet utility that combines the accurate search results you are used to getting on your desktop with the ultimate voice and image search. With this download, you can access the latest up-to-the-minute information, as well as save your preferences to ensure the most suitable results for you. Until now mainly included in mostly Android devices (at least in smartphones with Jelly Bean OS), now Google Search is available for IOS, with the same performance as in Android mobiles.

Integrated with Google Now, in which users can access their information on their home screen, this software adjusts to your smartphone with the objective of your not requiring any more search apps. Plus, the ability of finding what you’re looking for hands-free makes this Google tool a comfortable app for finding media content (images, music, videos, etc.), seeing traffic predictions, or checking the weather forecast. All your information for your everyday tasks will be gathered in this famous search engine.

How does it work?

Google Search helps you start your day with weather and traffic updates, thanks to automatic notifications. If you want to search for something, you just have to type what you want in the search box, and it will give you suggestions of possible results you may be interested in. When you finish typing, the app takes you to the main screen of Google with all the results–as it would appear on your desktop.

Google Now, the powerful tool integrated into the search engine, guides you through the day with updates about your favorite themes: sports, news, music, etc. By selecting your home address and your work location, it saves both so it can offer you daily notifications—or cards—for your routine. With the voice search, you can also find whatever you desire by just saying “OK Google”. This tool is good, although not totally accurate.

All your information for your everyday tasks will be gathered in Google Search

This software also has the ability of searching by image. You can take a picture and it will display multiple results with similar images, as it does on the computer. When you download it, you just have to select your preferences—as you add more information it will be more accurate—and start using this free application in your daily routine.

Google Search 5.5.0 Features

The following are the main features you can find in this app:

  • First you need to sync your contacts, apps, calendar, music, etc. for launching Google Now
  • Google Now displays cards with multiple updates (themes, traffic, weather…)
  • You can use Voice Search by saying “OK Google” for searching hands-free
  • You can also take a picture, and Google Search will display similar images
  • It will make suggestions of possible results you might like
  • It integrates with Google Maps and Google Earth to give access to all locations worldwide

For further information about this search engine, feel free to check the developer’s website .

Minimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and install this application are listed below:

  • Android 2.2 OS or higher
  • IOS 6.0 or higher
  • Windows Phone 7 or higher